We are recruiting for our local action project "SRN"

TransportationSciencesNetwork • 2 June 2022

@TransportationSciencesNetwork is looking for you! 🔍

📣 Are you interested in gaining practical work experience valuable in today’s job market? If you live in #Hasselt or #Diepenbeek it’s even better! Then TSN has the perfect project for you! @TransportationSciencesNetwork is looking for collaborators for a local actions project #SaferRoadsNow! 🚲



The benefits of supporting this project include: 

  • The Opportunity to collaborate on a local actions project funded by global institutions.
  • Building upon your data collection Skills.
  • Getting work Experience on a real ongoing project for which you will receive a recommendation letter and a digital certificate of service from IMOB.
  • Access to TSN network, opportunities and members.
  • First Chance at student jobs exclusive to TSN.
  • Free training in GIS-related data collection.
  • Possibility for a free course as a *Youth leader*.

Sign up here 💡: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc7XBn6vwxxgF9tr7GyYSy5go2APt3M9hSTNeSUg0Pa_aORsQ/viewform 


To learn more about the opportunity check out the brief here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DyEA99ivmYlvQqw8MT64d6XCI1WOzI9EqxHyd-SktJU/edit?usp=sharing