Launch of Youth Leadership Program

TransportationSciencesNetwork • 13 July 2022


The Transportation Sciences Network (TSN) connects transport professionals and researchers in the global north and south. It is managed by a group of students from Hasselt University. Part of the TSN management group’s work is the development and implementation of projects. Safer roads now (SRN) is a local action project created by students at Hasselt University. It is funded by the Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety and Total Energies Foundation


Who is a youth leader 

Are you passionate about your community? Do you want to help improve the lives of young people? Do you care about the sustainable development goals and achieving them? Do you want to improve your public speaking and leadership skills? Then we have an excellent opportunity for you! As part of the SRN project, we are taking young people through leadership training to empower them to be leaders in their community and advance sustainable development goals with a focus on safe and sustainable transport.  


As an SRN youth leader, you will gain access to several benefits, including:

  • The Opportunity to collaborate on a local actions project funded by global institutions.
  • Building upon your leadership, public speaking and community building.
  • Getting work Experience on a real ongoing project for which you will receive a recommendation letter and a digital certificate of service.
  • Access to TSN network, opportunities and members.
  • First Chance at student jobs exclusive to TSN.
  • Opportunity to get free training in GIS-related data collection.


How to apply

To sign up to be a youth leader, please fill out the registration form linked here.