The World Environment Day 2022

Ward Belet

Virtual Symposium

8:00 AM – 6:00 PM WAT

Join a diverse group of knowledgeable experts who will share insights on the need to preserve and conserve resources and how we can make peace with nature. 


Professor Lars Hein, Deputy Chair, Environmental Systems Analysis Group, Wageningen University.

Niki Harré, Professor, School of Psychology, University of Auckland New-Zealand.

Dr. Zhao Shasha, Associate Professor at Surrey University Business School, UK.

Carolin Jonczyk, Deputy Project Lead, Youth Sustainable Development Solution Network




9:30 PM - Midnight CET

Brussels, Belgium will mark the occasion by illuminating the City Hall green on the 5th of June. The City Hall is in the iconic UNESCO protected Grand Place, right in the heart of the capital of Belgium. The event will draw representatives from the City of Brussels, the government of Belgium, the European Union, the UN and members of the diplomatic community.