Online training – Planning for Autonomous Mobility

Ward Belet

The rapid growth of new technologies, on the one hand, and the increase in demand for safe, clean, comfortable, efficient, and sustainable transportation, on the other hand, stimulated/nudged the advancement of autonomy and full automation in the transport sector. It became an impetus for the development of autonomous vehicles. The created niche in the transport sector brought new challenges as well as opportunities that need to be properly addressed and embraced. 

The training will tackle various aspects of autonomous vehicles to encompass/comprise the new mobility demands and utilise utmost the advantages that autonomous vehicles bring to society and businesses. More specifically, the training will equip participants with knowledge on all relevant features of autonomous vehicles, how they impact the urban landscape, long-distance travel, logistics, economy, sidewalk management, etc., and purvey tools that will help the participants of the training to solve the future challenges that autonomous vehicles will convey. 

This training is open to everyone, professional or not, interested in the mobility sector, willing to deepen their knowledge, skills, and abilities to enhance their technical, business, and professional competencies in autonomous mobility.