Making Transport Resilient to Pandemics

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Event date 25 Mar '21 14:00 - 15:00
Event location Online
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Making Transport Resilient to Pandemics

While the  COVID-19 pandemic  caused  unprecedented challenges for the  entire  transport sector, it also highlighted  the necessity  of having  a  resilient transport system  to  ensure  a  continuous  supply of goods and  the movement of essential workers.  At the same time,  however, transport can  , unfortunately, provide a mechanism for spreading contagious  diseases, a fact little attention has been paid to in the past. Moving forward, the transport sector should plan for greater resilience towards future pandemics and prevent disease spread as much as possible.  As “Building Back Better” progresses, the transport sector must ensure it does so with resilience to various risks in mind and in a way that contributes to achieving universal access, efficiency, safety and green mobility. 

In responding to COVID-19,  the transport sector  witnessed a variety of  short-term actions and policy measures across  high, middle and low-income  countries. For these short-term actions to be more effective in the longer term, transport and health sectors need an integrated approach.   

With support from the HVT Programme, TRL has prepared guidelines providing practical guidance  for the sector –  and for LMICs more specifically – on how to make transport resilient to pandemics.

This webinar is the first in a series of thematic webinars being organised in the framework of the Global Transport Knowledge Partnership (gTKP). To register visit